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How To Reach

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How To Reach

Shimla is located in the north of India in the lap of the mighty Himalayas. Though it is surrounded by lofty mountain ranges, the place is well connected to the rest of the country by all means of transport. In this section that has been titled "how to reach Shimla", you shall find information regarding all queries about reaching Shimla and getting to Simla. You will get all required information over here and traveling to Shimla will seem like a cakewalk.

By Air

The nearest airport to Shimla is Chandigarh Airport from where one can reach Shimla by bus, train and taxi. Chandigarh airport is about 124 km away from Shimla and the travel time is around 138 Minutes (2 hours and 18 minutes). Airlines from different parts of the country and also abroad have access to the airport of Chandigarh.We can arrange a pickup service from Chandigarh Airport.

By Road

Shimla is well connected to neighboring places like New Delhi and Chandigarh through national highways. The journey from Delhi to Shimla by road takes approximately 8 hours. The highways are well maintained by the authorities and are a pleasure to drive on. There are many tourist buses that ply from neighboring places to take tourists to this beautiful hill station.

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By Rail / Train

The nearest railway station that connects Shimla to neighboring states is at Kalka. This place is located at a distance of 96 kilometers from Shimla. From Kalka, it takes around 6 hours to reach Shimla. The frequency of trains that ply from Kalka to Shimla is pretty good, with atleast 4 trains plying to and fro from Shimla. The journey from Delhi to Kalka is an overnight journey and reaches Kalka early morning. There are many tunnels en route with the longest being 1.2 kilometers long!

Kalka is the nearest broad gauge railhead. (70 Kms from Shoghi) and Shoghi is the nearest narrow gauge rail head. You can take a taxi from Kalka. Alternately you can come by bus or narrow gauge train. The narrow gauge toy train takes about 4-1/2 hours to reach Shoghi Railway station. From the station you have to climb down to Shoghi bus stand (about 100 meters) and take a taxi to best budget Aditya Homestay Cottages which will cost or contact us so that we can arrange pickup from station only.

Narrow Gauge trains Shivalik express (Train No. 241) and Himalayan Queen (Train No. 255) does not have a stop at Shoghi while coming from Kalka.

For your convenience we can arrange for a pick up for you from Tara Devi the nearest halt for Himalayan Queen (8 Kms after Shoghi) and Shimla the nearest halt for Shivalik Express (13 Kms from Shoghi).

Shimla-Kalka Train Time Table

Train No. Name From Departure Shoghi To Arrival
52456 Himalayan Queen Shimla 10:30 11:40 Kalka 16:10
52458 SML KLK Pass Shimla 14:25 15:25 Kalka 20:10
72452 Rail Motor Shimla 16:25 No stoppage Kalka 21:35
52452 Shivalik Deluxe Shimla 17:40 No stoppage Kalka 22:25
52454 SML KLK express Shimla 18:25 19:13 Kalka 23:20

Kalka-Shimla Train Time Table

Train No. Name From Departure Shoghi To Arrival
52456 Himalayan Queen Kalka 12:10 No stoppage Shimla 17:20
52457 SML KLK Pass Kalka 04:00 08:15 Shimla 09:20
72451 Rail Motor Kalka 05:10 No Stoppage Shimla 09:50
52452 Shivalik Deluxe Kalka 05:30 No Stoppage Shimla 10:15
52454 SML KLK express Kalka 06:00 09:59 Shimla 11:05

During peak tourist season two additional trains are run by the India railways. See more information on these at

Shimla-Kalka Holiday Special Trains

Train No. Name From Departure Shoghi To Arrival
02452 Kalka Shimla Spl Shimla 15:50 No stoppage Kalka 21:10
02454 Kalka Holiday Spl Shimla 09:25 No Stoppage Kalka 15:20

Kalka-Shimla Holiday Special Trains

Train No. Name From Departure Shoghi To Arrival
02451 Kalka Shimla Spl Kalka 07:00 No stoppage Shimla 12:10
02453 Kalka Holiday Spl Kalka 12:45 No stoppage Shimla 06:10